When your sump pump and backup systems show signs of failing, it’s time to call the professionals at Alpine Plumbing. A wet – or worse yet, flooded- basement floor can cause extensive damage and unnecessary headaches. Let Alpine Plumbing protect your property and your family with our professional sump pumps & backup system repair services!

Do You Need a Sump Pump System?

Yes! In fact, 99.9% of the time a sump pump is the best option for keeping your basement dry.  But lucky for you, sump pumps don’t have to be ugly or smelly. Alpine Plumbing offers systems that are uniquely engineered with air-tight sump pump covers, floor drains, check valves, and occasionally built-in alarms to alert you of problems in your system, basement, or crawl space.

Milwaukee Sump Pump Repairs

1. The Switch:

      1. The switch is the most important part of them pump as it tells the pump when to start and when to stop. If the switch fails, then the pump fails, which can turn a minor malfunction into a major issue. Fortunately, this problem is easily avoidable. By purchasing a sump pump with a dual float switch or attaching a dual float switch to your existing pump, you can add a secondary system to take over if the primary switch fails. Alpine Plumbing can help install this quick fix that will help prevent any water from backing up into your basement.

2. Battery Powered Sump Pumps:

      1. For those unexpected times when the power goes out, having a battery powered backup pump can save you from inevitable damage. The backup pump will continue draining when the primary pump shuts off. It is generally connected to a controlling device that alerts the backup when the power goes out and allows it to take over for the primary sump pump.

3. Regular Sump Pump Checks:

    1. The experts at Alpine Plumbing recommend getting your pump checked every six months and replaced every ten years. Checking your pump is simple and replacing failing parts is a lot cheaper than repairing property damage after a faulty pump has led to a flooded basement. Our certified plumbers are available to help repair or replace your sump pump in a timely manner at a competitive rate. With Alpine Plumbing on your side, you’ll never need to worry about sump pump problems again.

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