At Alpine Plumbing, our team of designers, engineers, project managers, and plumbers continually train and update their skills on green plumbing technology ensuring that our customers and clients get exactly what they need.

We are committed to serving our customers and the community with proven green products that are designed to reduce our carbon footprint.

Go Green

Green plumbing is a new way to conserve energy and reduce water usage. We all know that our natural resources are limited, especially water. But did you know that conserving water also helps limit air pollution and helps to conserve other resources like electricity, coal, gas and diesel? Every gallon of water you save cuts down on the fossil fuels used in conjunction with water consumption.

On average, a family of 4 uses 116,000 to 175,000 gallons of water each year. Adopting a few of Alpine Plumbing’s green plumbing technologies can provide you with the same comfort level as traditional plumbing products while also saving you money and helping the planet at the same time!

Did You Know?

Toilets use 26% of water in the household

  • New low-flow toilets have a powerful flush and can save 70% (3.72 gallons) of the water that is used in their 5-gallon counterparts. This would allow a family of four to save 13,392 gallons of water per year.

Laundry uses 22% of water in the household

  • Front load washers use a lot less water and are easier on your clothes. To help conserve water, always wash full loads. New technology will soon let you recycle your washing machine water for use in toilets and irrigation.

Showers use 17% of water in the household

  • Long hot showers can cost a bundle with a non-restricted showerhead. Switching to a low-flow head provides both high and low water pressure and saves you money on the cost of water and on the cost of heating it.

Faucets use 16% of water in the household

  • Installing a flow restrictor in your bathroom sink can help reduce your water use. Think about it. How much water do you need to brush your teeth or wash your hands? By turning off the water while brushing your teeth can actually save about 300 gallons a year per person!

Leaks use 14% of water in the household

  • Toilets are the biggest culprits, with faucets and showers close behind. Leaks send water and money straight down the drain. Always make sure your toilets and sinks are running properly to save yourself from further damage.
  • Consider saving yourself money with one of Alpine Plumbing’s ecofriendly plumbing options.

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